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Applications of Physics: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship education has always had a bit of an identity crisis. The very word entrepreneurship conjures visions of tinkerers creating gizmos and gadgets and risking all in the pursuit of personal and financial glory. The skills that entrepreneurship programs aim to impart are: the abilities to identify business opportunities, plan and manage projects and finances, handle legal and intellectual property issues, manage people and teams, write and communicate clearly, navigate the product life cycle, manage supply chains, and so forth. So, entrepreneurship programs are the perfect bridge between the core physics curriculum we know and love and the practical skills we need in the real world.

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Recommended electives in Physics Entrepreneurship

P 400 Electronics
P 451 Experiments in Modern Physics
BUS–X 100 Introduction to Business (GenEd S&H)
BUS–A 200 Foundations of Accounting*
BUS–K 201 Computers in Business*
BUS–W 212 Exploring Entrepreneurship*†
BUS–D 270 The Global Business Environment 
BUS–W 300 New Venture Management*†
BUS–M 300 Introduction to Marketing*
BUS–Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations†
BUS–L 311 Law for Entrepreneurs*
BUS–W 316 Sustainable Business Reports 
BUS–D 365 Cross Cultural Management
BUS–D 411 International Competitive Strategy

*Satisfies a requirement for a Minor in Entrepreneurship
† Satisfies a requirement for a Certificate in Entrepreneurship

For more information see the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Career opportunities

With a BS in Physics with a concentration in entrepreneurship you may find helpful information at

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For useful career information, see the StartupHire: