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Indiana University Bloomington


The applied physics curriculum is designed to provide students with an optimal mix of theoretical and applied coursework. There is a significant overlap with the traditional Physics Bachelor of Science degree program. Traditional courses are supplemented by extensive laboratory coursework in the second year to prepare students for the internships in industry. Applied physics students are encouraged to use elective courses to pursue specialized topics in the junior and senior years. The curriculum culminates in a summer internship and a thesis prepared during the senior year.

Required and suggested courses for Applied Physics students are outlined in the table below. See this page for course descriptions. The complete official degree requirements for the Applied Physics program can be found in the College of Arts and Sciences Online Bulletin.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester


Introductory Physics I (P221)*

Introductory Physics II (P222)*


Physics III (P301)*
Modern Physics Lab (P309)*
Instrumentation Lab (P350)*

Theoretical Physics (P321)
Intro to Medical Physics (P314)
Modern Physics Lab (P309)*

Summer (optional internship)


Electromagnetism I (P331)*
Analytical Mechanics I (P441)*
Electronics (P400/540)†

Electromagnetism II (P332)
Analytical Mechanics II (P442)
Quantum Mechanics (P453)

Summer Internship (S407)*


Modern Physics (P454)
Experiments in Modern Physics (P451)†
Environmental Physics (P310)
Computer Applications in Physics I (P410)

Modern Optics (P460)†
Intro to Accelerator Physics (P470)
Senior Thesis/Research (S409)*
Computer Applications in Physics II (P411)

† at least one is required